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"Put the power of the predator to work in your lawn & garden"
Coyote Urine Granules
Deer Repellent

The whitetail deer is the target animal of Shake-Away’s flagship product, Coyote Urine Granules. Shake-Away takes advantage of the Predator-Prey relationship and prey animals genetically programmed instinct of fear to provide our customers with a non-toxic, organic method to significantly reduce and often eliminate deer browsing problems.

Through our patented technology, Shake-Away offers the only EPA registered predator urine based products in the repellent industry.

The Predator

Coyotes are the most common, natural predator of whitetail deer throughout the United States. These predators have “core areas" within a woodlot or hillside where the coyotes spend the bulk of their time--often the denning area of the coyote family unit. Odor accumulates in this area and the prey animals within a close radius of it either alter their patterns or risk being consumed.

Whitetails avoid the coyote “core areas" as they set up their patterns to feed, bed, and raise their young.  Deer have a highly evolved sense of smell and will avoid the “core areas” for as long as the coyote clan maintains any den location.

Shake-Away provides an incredibly easy way to apply time-released urine-impregnated granules in a way that simulates this “core area".

The Product

These granules are composed of a porous, swellable, inorganic mineral that is weather resistant. By applying product as directed (twice a week for the first 2 weeks, then twice a month thereafter for maintenance) the Coyote Urine Granule product alters deer patterns and the effect is maintained for as long as the customer chooses to continue their maintenance.

The Difference between Shake-Away and Other Products

Shake-Away - uses Whitetail's instinctual fear of predators to keep deer away
Other Products - use foul odor or taste to keep whitetail deer away. Often deer become desensitized over time to this variety of repellent.

Deer Repellent Packs

Shake-Away also offers our customers a longer-term, lower-maintenance protection strategy in our Deer Repellent Packs. Each pack is a time-released plastic bag that contains our potent Coyote Urine Granules and is designed to be effective over 2 to 3 months. Created for single plant protection, they can be used in multiple units to protect both rows and irregular groups of valuable plants.

Tips for Use:

Fasten repellent packs directly to the plant or to a separate stake
Place packs at a height equal to the head height of a deer (3-4 feet)
Use during the winter when typical repellent products can be buried in the snow
In large areas use multiple packs 8-10 feet from each other for optimal protection.

We believe the combination of these packs with our time-released granules will provide the ultimate year round protection for any deer situation faced by lawn and garden enthusiast.

Set up your predator illusion today with Shake-Away Coyote Urine Granules and Deer Repellent Packs!

Link to info on whitetail biology:

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