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Indoor Mouse Repellent Packs
Shake-Away's Mouse Repellent means no more mouse in your house!
Now you can bring the organic protection of Shake-Away indoors! Shake-Away's indoor Mouse Repellent Packs are the company's first product specifically created for indoor use. Our Mouse Repellent Packs contain a proprietary, organic blend of natural oils that is unpleasant to mice and sends them packing. An easy, safe and effective way to rid your space of mice.
  • Easy set-up; ready to use packs start working right away
  • Hands-off, no-kill approach means no traps to set and no dead mice to handle; more humane and cleaner than kill products
  • Organic formula keeps your home, family and pets free from nasty, toxic poisons
  • Repellent (as opposed to poisons or traps) removes risk of mice dying in your walls and creating a smelly, unsanitary mess that is difficult to remove
  • Long lasting protection; each package contains four ready-to-use packs that last up to 60 days; our re-sealable package preserves packs you're not using
  • Wide variety of uses: discreet packs can be easily placed out of sight in infested areas of homes, cottages, garages, barns, sheds, campers, cars, boats, RVs, covered trailers and more

Shake-Away's advice? Stop sharing your space with mice!

ArrowMice don't make good housemates – they can gnaw on furniture and wiring, contaminate food, leave droppings, carry diseases, and generally make for an unpleasant experience.

ArrowAlthough mouse activity tends to increase as cooler weather arrives, mice are year-round pests with the ability to reproduce quickly and frequently.

ArrowMice will find their way into unprotected spaces – they can fit into an opening just slightly larger than a quarter inch!

ArrowMice have over 1,000 olfactory (smell) receptor genes. With a sense of smell this powerful, Shake-Away's mouse repellent packs are an incredibly effective method for ridding your space of mice.

Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs - Directions for Use:

Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs are an organic solution for repelling mice from your
property throughout the year. Packs are effective in your kitchen, basement, garage, barn, shed,
patio, deck, and attic, as well as in boats, recreational vehicles, or any area where mice may be
a problem. Shake-Away Mouse Repellent is contained in convenient plastic packs that can be
easily placed where needed. Simply place packs anywhere mouse activity is noted or expected,
including feeding or nesting sites. Pay particular attention to areas that appear to offer entry to
a structure or room. Often a single pack is enough to provide a mouse-free setting for an entire
room. The more severe the mouse infestation, the more repellent packs may be necessary to
successfully alleviate the problem area. Large areas like basements often require 4 or more
repellent packs at a time to keep them mouse free. Packs are still effective well beyond the time
they have no detectable odor to humans, since mice have an acute sense of smell.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs:

How do the packs work? The packs emit an odor that is pleasant to people yet is naturally
repelling and irritating to rodents. Mice avoid the area where these odors are present.

What are the benefits of Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs? The convenient packs provide
a non-toxic and organic alternative, as well as a more humane option to traps and poisons.
Therefore customers need not be concerned about dead, decaying animals in the protected
structure, or the removal of carcasses from glue boards or traps. They also don’t have to introduce
dangerous chemicals or poisons to their living space to get rid of mice. The packs are easy to set
up as they are ready to use straight out of the package and can simply be placed wherever you
need protection against mice. They do not require upkeep (such as re-setting a trap) and last up to
60 days depending on conditions

Do the mice chew on the pack and eat its contents? No, actually they have no desire chew the
pack as it does not contain an apparent food source (as poison bait packs traditionally do).

Are these Mouse Repellent Packs safe around my children and pets? All the ingredients
inside the packs are non-toxic. Like all small objects though, we recommend they not be placed
where young children can reach them as to avoid a choking hazard.

How large of an area will one of the Mouse Repellent Packs treat? This depends on the
airflow in the area of placement. Places with minimal airflow like drawers, cupboards, cabinets,
and storage boxes will require the use of less packs while open areas like garages and porches
that have good ventilation will require more packs. Each package of Shake-Away Mouse
Repellent contains four (4) individual packs.

How long will the Mouse Repellent Packs last? Airtight spaces and areas of limited airflow
will provide the maximum effective duration to the customer of 8 weeks, whereas ventilated areas
such as porches or garages where the air is constantly being exchanged may only provide the user
2 to 4 weeks of protection and require more frequent replacement.

How would I treat a whole basement, attic, or garage? By placing several packs around the
area of concern, starting in each of the corners and expanding that to behind piles of stored items.
Obviously treating a spot where it appears mice may be entering is a good strategy as well.

What other rodents will the Mouse Repellent Packs effectively repel? The pack’s formula
has been shown to also be effective on rats and voles in field testing conducted by our research

Do I have to use all the packs in the purchased container? No, actually Shake-Away provides
a resealable containment bag to seal unused product and keep packs fresh for use at a later date.

Are there outdoor opportunities where Mouse Repellent Packs provide successful results?
Actually the packs can provide relief anywhere mice and other rodents are found. Stored cars,
RV’s, boats, campers, and farm equipment are notorious locations where mice get into and make
nests and do considerable damage by excreting urine and feces as well as chewing up valuable
parts including wiring. Sheds, barns, and heat exchangers for air conditioners are other locations
where the product can provide benefit.

Where can I purchase the product? Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs can be purchased at
many different hardware stores and lawn & garden centers throughout the USA as well as on-line.
Please use our Dealer Locator opportunity found on our website to assist you in finding a retail

How do I apply the product? Simply place or toss Mouse Repellent Packs in the locations you
would like to decrease rodent activity.

How do I dispose of the expired product? Simply remove from the area of treatment and place
in the trash

What can I do in addition to using Shake-Away Mouse Repellent Packs to improve my
rodent infestation?
Remove as much clutter from areas adjacent to the foundation of a
structure. Things such as firewood, garbage, brush, lumber, and other stored items are often
serious sources of unwanted rodent problems. Move these items as far from the foundation of
living space as possible. Contain all stored pet food in rodent resistant containers including bird
seed. Applying Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules occasionally around the perimeter of
structures is another fantastic method of reducing rodent entry into living space, particularly in
the Fall when rodents are seeking cover for the coming winter. Studies have shown that one of
the most common places of entry for rodents is at the bottom corners of garage doors, therefore
placing packs in these locations and replacing as necessary is part of a solid rodent repellent
strategy. Mouse Repellent Packs can also be used in conjunction with traditional rodent repellent
devices such as traps and poisons as well as ultrasonic repelling devices.

Are Mouse Repellent Packs available in bulk quantities? Yes. Please call us direct at 1-800-
517-9207 to inquire about quantity and pricing

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