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Deer Testimonials
While away at a wedding reception and angry mob of deer attacked our gardens. Of the 13 hostas we planted last year, only one had been left unscathed. We lost all of our roses and a variety of bulb shoots. I decided to look around online to find out what other people were doing. We tried hanging dryer sheets, stringing fishing line around the yard, using dog urine, and etc. I found Shake-Away and have not had a problem with deer since! I use it every couple of weeks and can now sleep at night without jumping out of bed to check my gardens!
- Adrienne Myers, DeSoto, MO

Every spring deer would eat the tops off of the tulips as fast as the flower would emerge. But since I have used Shake-Away, I enjoy my tulips instead of the deer.
- Michael Denguy, Turner, MI

Deer were coming into our yard every night eating our annuals and shrubs. After hanging repellent from the shrubs and sprinkling the repellent around our flower gardens, we haven’t had a single deer stop in for a midnight snack! Thanks!
- Ron Haverlock, Buffalo, NY

We had lots of deer that were night feeding on our bulb plants. I could never grow hosta more than 1 foot tall. I never saw daffodils or tulips. This product really works! I recommended it to all of my friends!
- Christine Christ, Carmel, NY

We never had any problems with deer until we landscaped the backyard, then it seemed like the deer were eating the plants every other night. We actually had one run up and into our backyard. Since using Shake-Away I haven’t seen fresh tracks for over 2 weeks.
- Robert Laudi, Danville, IL

I was having deer invade my garden, eating all of my flowers and green tomatoes. After the first use of Shake-Away, no deer! My tomatoes are now growing and I’m seeing blooms in my flowers. Your product is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone with a deer problem.
- Geraldine Stowers, Abington, VA

I think the Shake-Away product is awesome! I have been in the landscaping business for ten years. This product has kept the deer away from many expensive plants and scrubs that I would usually have to replace at my expense. I would recommend this product to fellow landscapers, as well as homeowners throughout the eastern region.
- Ralph Norcom, Richmond, VA

Last summer we landscaped our whole yard. In the back we planted apparently delicious fern, hydrangeas, and knock-out roses. Within a few days they were chomped down to nothing. We live in the pine woods of southern Georgia, so I suspected deer. I was right! As we came up the driveway one night, the car headlights lit up a deer. I went online searching for a solution, and Shake-Away worked for us. My roses and hydrangeas are lovely this year, and the ferns are slowly recovering. No deer in sight!
- Margot Stoltz, Thomasville, GA

I have herds of deer migrating through my yard each day. They have never hesitated to come up on my deck to help themselves to my flowers that are in containers. They even walk up to my window boxes to mow everything down. They are not one bit afraid of me. Last summer I used Shake-Away as directed, and as a result I have not had any damage.
- Marianne Macdonald, Quilcene, WA

We live at the edge of 60 acres of woods. Before we realized we would attract the local deer population, we spent quite a bit of money on a garden with a pond and many perennials. We had ferns, hostas, and evergreens. What we ended up with was a veritable salad bar for the deer! We have actually seen the product work. In the past the deer would come to drink from the pool and then linger to graze on the choicest and showiest plants. We have now seen them come drink from the pond, but steer clear of the flowers and foliage - even their favorite hostas!
- Gerry Gamong, Eureka Springs, AR

Last summer I planted pumpkin seeds in late May, hoping to get a few pumpkins for the fall. The vines came up, but every time a flower would come out it was eaten immediately. This went on for a month and I was ready to give up on pumpkins until my husband ordered Shake-Away. I hung the bags of deer repellent and shook around some granules. Within a day I had flowers that started to fruit. I had more pumpkins than I could use that fall.
- Ann Marie O’Lone, Olney, MD

It really works! For 32 years we have had a deer problem on our front driveway and yard patio. We have lots of flowers, and every year we put bird netting and posts around the pots to protect them from the deer. This year we shook Shake-Away across our driveway and around the flower pots. They have not touched the flowers and we know they are around. The area looks so lovely without all the netting. Thanks so much, we are delighted with the product.
- Monica Ennis, San Rafael, CA

My hydrangea bed was being devoured by deer. Once I used your product they stayed away, and I now see new growth. I wish that I used Shake-Away at the beginning of the season.
- Linda Hosier, Huntingtown, MD

I highly recommend this product! Living close to a river we often get deer. They can be pretty destructive to gardens. I was amazed at how easily the application was, as well as the desired results! No deer destroying weeks of work.
- Betty Johnston, Parkersburg, WV

Shake-Away was so easy to use. Just shake and you're done! I also love that it is a natural product and not harmful to wildlife. It works well, and I haven't seen a deer return after use.
- Linda Wick, New Berlin, WI

I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan where the deer rule. We have several perennial beds which they feel are gourmet dining. After using Shake-Away they completely avoid the beds. We can now enjoy seasonal color without the flowers being nipped off or trampled. Thank you!
- Kaye Johnson, Ironwood, MI

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