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Squirrel Testimonials
We moved into a new house that is all brick with soffits. Squirrels didn’t cross our minds as a pest to expect. With Shake-Away, the squirrels went away! It’s easy and effective. We have told our friends with similar problems. Thank you for a wonderful product.
- Belinda Muhammad, Fayetteville, GA

Country Pines Cabins ordered Shake-Away after several failed attempts to get rid of squirrels. After four years of these pesky critters, we finally got them out of our cabins. This product really works! No more refunds to guests who were bothered by the squirrels.
- Diana Sanders, Sevierville, TN

In early November we used Shake-Away by putting it in small balls in nylons and putting them in the corners of our attic. We were having serious problems with squirrels, but within a few days of putting these little balls up there the squirrels departed. We are thrilled! We didn’t have to actually kill anything, which was a big plus for us!
- Jennifer Herron, Martinez, CA

We had a nasty problem with squirrels eating our crop of tomatoes to the point where they were eating more than us! We found your product online and thought we would give it a try. Within a few weeks, they were gone. We were truly amazed by your product and highly recommend it to anyone with a squirrel problem.
- Craig Ruvere, Lyndhurst, NJ

We have been feeding birds for several years, and have always had problems with squirrels. This summer my wife told me to stop putting sunflower seeds in the window feeder, as it was just a picnic for the gray squirrels. After setting out Shake-Away packs, the problem seems to have gone away. Plenty of birds are now enjoying the sunflower seeds!
- Calvin Cumings, Acton, MA

We are full time RV’ers. Sitting here on the bluffs of the Rio Frio River in Texas, we have encountered not only a few, but fifty to sixty squirrels constantly on the move looking for anything to chew (mainly vehicle wiring). Since purchasing Shake-Away they have left us alone. Seeing our positive results have promoted our neighbors to order your product as well. They, along with us, do not have a squirrel problem anymore. We chuckle because of the wide path they take to avoid our RV.
- Charles Ryan, Rio Frio, TX

I bought Shake-Away to rid squirrels from my mother’s attic. She was hearing them run through the attic and in the walls. She had tried different methods (moth balls, strobe lights, etc) to no avail. My mother was desperate! I went online and found your product and we placed it in the attic. Soon the squirrels were gone. She had all the holes plugged and has been squirrel free ever since!
- Charlotte Miller, Decatur, TX

My home was seriously invaded by squirrels. These pesky critters managed to invite themselves into the attic and basement. I could hear them running around like crazy above and below me. After two years of dealing with this, I ordered Shake-Away. I applied as directed, and like magic - the squirrels were gone in three days. I have a lot of fun telling my squirrel story to my friends and family. What a life saver Shake-Away has been for me!
- Lisa Hartzell, Woodbury, MN

I have a window with a screen above my kitchen sink at my new home. Within two weeks of moving in, a squirrel chewed through the screen twice. Fixing this is costly. I ordered Shake-Away after reading reviews online, and to my delight I am now able to leave my window open without squirrels eating through the screen. This product is every bit as effective and easy to use as it is advertised to be.
- Aris Sopholles, Denver, CO

I want to thank you for Shake-Away. We have a large pecan tree in our yard, and lots of woods nearby. The tree is over 100 years old, and the squirrels rob the tree before the nuts are ready. We ordered your product and it works great! We have not seen a squirrel near the tree since we put it out. This will be our first year we will have pecans from this tree without sitting in the yard with a shot gun to scare them away. There are just too many squirrels to shoo away, but Shake-Away worked great. We will use it every fall.
- William Taylor, Knoxville, AR

Every planting season in spring and fall I have problems with the squirrels. By the next morning all the plants and bulbs planted the previous day would be dug out. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. It was the most frustrating experience, and I lost many plants and bulbs in the process. I liked the fact that Shake-Away is not harmful to animals, since I have cats. I was quite amazed! It really works! My planting beds remain untouched by squirrels, and even the rain doesn’t affect it.
- Maria Hindenburg, Bayville, NY

I thought that I inherited all the squirrels in my neighborhood. To add to the problem, my neighbor has a birdfeeder in their yard, so after a meal they would romp in my flowers and destroy them once they started to bloom. After trying Shake-Away, in about two weeks, the squirrels have decided to relocate and leave my flowers alone. Thanks for a great product. Now my neighbors want some!
- Mike Sturtz, Avenel, NJ

We have had an increasingly difficult time with ground squirrels on our suburban property. Come fall, they dug up and ate nearly all of my 400 tulip bulbs I planted. After using Shake-Away, I haven’t seen a squirrel in days! I’m going to keep this product on hand at all times from now on.
- Margaret Gottschall, West Chester, PA

I have about ten flower containers on my deck and yard. For the past few years I have had problems with squirrels uprooting my flowers. I have tried everything - red pepper, moth balls, and all sorts of other products. Nothing worked until Shake-Away. I love your product, and I can now enjoy my pots of plants and save money on the replacement of destroyed flowers. Thanks!
- Donna Buffington, Atlanta, GA

I have squirrels living in our 113 year old oak tree. Our garden, which is located at the base of it, was also being killed by the same squirrels. We did exactly as directed and like magic - they have vacated the premises! It is what we call a “miracle cure”, and would recommend this to all of our neighbors with the same problem.
- Gary Martin, Montclair, NJ

I have had a very good experience with your product. We were putting in a new lawn in the back yard. Our neighbors feed the squirrels peanuts in the shell. The squirrels would come over and dig up our potted plants to bury the peanuts. They also dug up my new lawn in huge sections. After applying Shake-Away, no more squirrels, and the lawn came in nicely. The bare spots are now green!
- Joe Eastburn, Culver City, CA

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