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Rabbit Testimonials
We were having problems with a family of rabbits that lived near by. They were cute, but eating everything in our yard. They particularly liked our bushes. They had eaten every leaf off of them - it looked like they were dead! We tried numerous things, and then found Shake-Away. Within two weeks the bushes were full of leaves and back to life. We now watch the rabbits hop right on by these bushes.
- Caroline Willhelm, Charlotte, NC

We just moved to a semi rural area only to have our entire landscape eaten by rabbits. I refused to replant and wrap wire fencing around each shrub or tree. Shake-Away was the answer. We tried it before replanting everything and it worked better than we expected. Not even a nibble after using Shake-Away!
- Mack Iscer, Las Cruces, NM

We moved into our new home in July, and by December our backyard looked like a rabbit litter box. We bought Shake-Away in March, and by the second week in April the yard was free of rabbit droppings. We will continue to use this product to keep the rabbits out of our gardens and keep our yard clean for our children to play in. Thanks for a great product!
- Eileen Amash, Saratoga Springs, NY

I was having patches of grass in my yard going bare. This has been occurring for about three years. I just found out that rabbits were the problem. The repellent seems to be working! No more bare patches and my grass is finally filling in!
- Bill Varner, High Point, NC

Thanks so much! A rabbit was eating my pansies and petunias, destroying hours of work. After using your product, the rabbit took a hike! We are now enjoying the fruits of my efforts.
- Edith Caro, North Potomac, MD

I had rabbits burrowing under our front porch. I have not seen a single rabbit in our yard since I began using Shake-Away. I would previously see them every night. I still see them on the street, but not in our yard at all! It worked immediately!
- Bryan Jenkins, Longmont, CO

Rabbits had eaten the plants in front of our house last fall. We had just spent a lot of money landscaping. I went on the internet trying to find a rabbit deterrent, as we did not want to lose our beautiful plants again. I saw Shake-Away, read the information, saw the money back guarantee, and thought “why not?” We followed the instructions and it worked in TWO DAYS! This product is wonderful! Amazing!
- Merle Veverka, Skokie, IL

I had rabbit droppings in our yard. Our dog would frequently eat and play in the droppings. It was making me sick to my stomach. I spread the Shake-Away along the tree line and perimeter of my yard. The droppings have disappeared and the rabbits stay in the wooded area. Our dog has not had any further stomach problems. This product works well.
- Matthew Brehn, West Chester, OH

We had so many rabbit droppings in our yard that we could not let our young son out to play. After using Shake-Away, we have our yard back!
- Jens Bogelegn, Oak Park, IL

Last season my garden was under attack! A hungry rabbit family decimated my spring flowers. Just when they were blooming! At the first sign of rabbits this spring, I covered the bulb garden with Shake-Away and the rabbits have moved on. Your product is the first and only effective defense against them.
- Barbara Cassetta, Buffalo, NY

This spring started just like all the others. Rabbits came inside our six foot privacy fence to build their nests. Apparently, the fence serves as protection from wondering cats. We have tried a number of solutions to this problem. Even our two large dogs served as no deterrent whatsoever! We used your product around the fence and have now had no evidence of rabbits at all. Thank you for helping to close the “rabbit hotel and nursery”.
- Mary Mountz, Douglassville, PA

Having never had any problems in my garden, I was horrified last spring to realize that rabbits were using my garden as a snack bar! After briefly trying a few remedies, I went online in search of a repellent and found Shake-Away. I shook it around my garden, and it worked great! For the rest of the season I had no problems with rabbits. Even the neighborhood cats stayed away. I was happy to use a safe reliable product that didn’t hurt the animals. I am about to place my order for this season, as I don’t want to be without it!
- Laura Olsen, West Haven, CT

Rabbits were feasting on our flowers around the house. I’ve tried several other products, but with little to no effect. Then I discovered Shake-Away. I used as directed and the results were fantastic! No more rabbits eating our flowers.
- Norm Lloyd, Yorktown, VA

This is the second product I have used of yours, and I am very happy with the results. We had a family of rabbits living under our new deck. Of course my dogs loved to chase them, but unfortunately one of my dogs caught one and contracted tularemia from it (which is a close cousin to the plaque). We used Shake-Away and we didn’t have anymore cases of tularemia!
- Susan Hunter, Cedar Crest, NM

Last year I had at least four litters of rabbits in my yard. I was new to this community, and found it very hard to mow the lawn. Every time I ran the mower a baby rabbit would jump or run away. Since using Shake-Away I have not seen any rabbits in my fenced yard this year. I have seen them around, but not in my yard.
- Carole Saville, McKinney, TX

This past spring, while hosta and tulips were growing, rabbits were eating mine down to the ground. As soon as I started using Shake-Away my plants finally began to grow. Since I have been using it, there have been no animals eating any of my plants.
- Mark Anticoli, Miamisburg, OH

One word - RABBITS! Our neighborhood is infested with them! They ate my bushes, my flowers, and my vegetables. After a few shakes of Shake-Away, they have not been back. I wish that we had this year’s ago!
- Jennifer Sanchez, Aurora, IL

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