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Mouse Testimonials
I love all animals, but I love my boyfriend too. When he told me he had mice in his kitchen, I started crying. If he killed a single mouse, I could never look at him again. A few stocking balls full of Shake-Away saved our relationship -- even if it did destroy a perfectly fine pair of stockings!
- Reba Schwartz, Somerville, MA

My indoor cat kept bringing me dead mice, and while I appreciated her efforts, I would have preferred the mice simply stay out of my kitchen. One bottle of Shake-Away, and within a week there were no more mice. My cat seems disappointed, but I will take another bottle!
- Christina Bergstrom, Harleysville, PA

Rats got into my attic space. I trapped many of them and plugged up their entryways, but they continued to get in. Estimates from critter control and wildlife solutions were around $2,000 to solve this problem, and with no guarantee. After one application on Shake-Away, I have relieved my rat problem.
- Edward Kivari, Englewood, FL

Living in a rural area, we had an increasing problem with mice getting into our cars. It was creepy and ultimately very expensive. I bought your product and put it around the vehicles. I have been very pleased with the results. I will be ordering another container!
- Penny Olson, Spanaway, WA

Shake-Away saved our mobile home! We had rats chewing huge holes in the walls. We tried many poisons, but still had them. Thanks so much for this great product!
- Ruth Clymer, Terre Haute, IN

I park my car outside and I noticed fruit seeds and mouse droppings in my cars engine bay. After doing some research online I decided that using Shake-Away would be the most effective solution. I don't see any more evidence of rodents going inside my engine bay now.
- Marcus Lo, San Marino, CA

Every fall we have a problem with mice coming through our sliding backdoor. Grandchildren tend to leave the door open! Anyway, this year we sprinkled Shake-Away all around our property and especially by the back door. We have not had a problem with mice in the house since. We have seen them in the next yard, but not in ours.
- William Kruger, West Seneca, NY

When we moved into our home a year ago, our neighbors warned us of the field mice that could invade our home during harvest since we lived near a cornfield. I purchased Shake-Away last year and put it around our house right before harvest. I am happy to say that we did not see any mice all winter. I have told some of my friends and neighbors about your product, and I have just placed another order for this winter.
- Dennis Knudtson, Marion, IA

Mice had overtaken the family room and basement area. Even our cat couldn't keep them away. As soon as evening would come, I could hear them in the walls crawling around. When everyone would go to bed, they would come out. But Shake-Away scattered throughout the rooms got rid of them. Thank you!
- Nancy Ong, Middletown, NJ

I used Shake-Away for a mouse problem in my pop-up camper. It was 100% effective and I was very please with the product. Previous to using Shake-Away, I found several holes chewed in the netting and canvas on my camper. None have been found since using Shake-Away. I will definitely use this every year for winter storage. Thanks for a great solution!
- Angel Mariani, Broadalbin, NY

We have battled with mice for years in our antique and collectible vehicles. When we took them off the road in the fall and put them in storage, the mice would move in and eat through the hoses. They would make nests with material from the interior of the vehicles and sometimes expire in the vehicles, leaving a very undesirable smell. We have tried everything from moth balls, to increasing our cat population, but to no avail. Our sister gave us a bottle of Shake-Away and now our vehicles are finally free of mice. Thank you for such a great product!
- Stephen Coakley, Malad City, ID

I had mice in my attic. I had two different pest control companies come out to my house. All they did was set bait boxes, which did nothing to keep the mice from coming into our attic. I made the stocking balls and threw them under my furnace and air conditioning unit, which was outside. I also threw them upstairs in the attic. The mice have disappeared! This product is wonderful.
- Mary Edwards, South Point, OH

Rats were eating the seed that is knocked out of the feeder by overzealous birds. The rats had made the trip from their burrow to the base of the bird feeder so frequently that they had worn a path into the grass. I applied Shake-Away twice, and already it seems like the rats have moved on. This is a great way to eliminate rodent pests without resorting to poisons or traps.
- Mike Campa, Durham, NC

Rats have taken up residence under our mobile home and had started to chew inside the home. I tried everything. I searched the internet for information, when I found the Shake-Away product. As a last resort I ordered it and I can't believe the results. No more rats! Thank you for this product. It works!
- Jackie Yon, Kewaunee, WI

I had a frustrating problem with mice and their droppings on my kitchen counter, stove, and even inside my oven! Yikes! I had utilized all my resources to get rid of the mice when I ordered a bottle of Shake-Away. After two weeks there were no more mice. No droppings! I was so happy I told several friends and now they are customers of yours. I have been mouse free for six months so far!
- Patricia Watson, Yeadon, PA

Due to heavy rains throughout the year, we were overrun by rats. I tried everything. Baits, traps, and electronic traps did not work. Nothing made a dent. Then I tried Shake-Away and they disappeared within a couple of days. I am sold on this product!
- Andrew Moynihan, Fort Worth, TX

I live in the mountains of Colorado and have had problems with mice, pack rats, etc. All are destructive. Especially on motorized vehicles, resulting in down time and great expense in repairing the damage they cause. I am a senior citizen, so an automobile that is ready to go in the case of an emergency is crucial. Shake-Away has given me the peace of mind knowing that pack rats and mice no longer damage my vehicle.
- Karen Niss, Canon, CO

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