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Groundhog Testimonials
Shake-Away is better than traps! I had groundhogs under my shed that were driving me crazy. They didn’t fear traps. Only when I used the Shake-Away did it get their attention and they left the area. Now I only do maintenance with shaking it out, and I can count on no return of my ground digging friends! Thanks Shake-Away!
- James Dodd, Runnemede, NJ

I have a large English garden and had been bothered with groundhogs eating the flowers. I decided to try the Shake-Away powder. In about a week the groundhogs left the area. I was totally satisfied. I am a convinced customer!
- Charles Rocco, Hatfield, PA

I was having a problem with groundhogs eating my new vegetable shoots in my garden last year. This year I used Shake-Away, and as of this date, I am critter free! So far so good, thanks for your wonderful product!
- Edward Pong, Passaic, NJ

Our groundhog crawled up into both my and my husband’s car engines and chewed through the spark plug wires and more. The groundhog caused over $300 worth of damage. We sprinkled Shake-Away around the perimeter of our driveway and have not had a problem since.
- Sandy Purdy, Glenmont, OH

For several years I have had groundhogs living under my deck. We tried many products, as well as mothballs, and nothing worked. I saw your product at our local nursery and gave it a try. Wow! There has not been a groundhog in our yard for over a month! Shake-Away is a winner!
- Beth Boyle, Lansdale, PA

My neighbors told me only a shotgun would keep the groundhogs from eating my garden. But Shake-Away worked! We gave the neighbors tomatoes, beans, and broccoli, to their amazement!
- Suzanne Stryk, Bristol, VA

There has been a lot of re-development in the area where I live. All of a sudden I was seeing holes around the garage, under the fence, and in my lawn. Groundhogs! I was plagued with groundhogs! What to do? I called the humane society, they told me to call the game commission. Then they told me to buy traps and trap them. I thought there must be a better and simpler solution to this problem. I found Shake-Away and shook it in all the holes and along the area of my property. Like magic my problem was solved. It was unbelievable! A miracle!
- Patricia Becker, Erie, PA

At the end of June we had a family of groundhogs move in under our house. They were enjoying a wonderful buffet from our organic garden, which made me very frustrated. We tried everything we were told to use - castor oil, moth balls, antifreeze, and a live trap. Nothing worked. Then we found Shake-Away online and after just one application, the garden damage stopped completely! We still apply it according to the directions and we still see some groundhogs, but never in our garden!
- Peggy Zide, Mt. Juliet, TN

I had a family of groundhogs living ten feet from my garden. They were eating everything I would plant. I put chicken wire around one thing and they would move onto the next. They even ate all of my marigolds! I used Shake-Away and since then, not one thing has been touched. You saved my garden!
- Starr Rogers, Massillon, OH

I am jumping for joy in my backyard! My groundhogs have skipped town. I was of little faith when I first applied Shake-Away. Actually the first day I applied the granules around my shed, I noticed two additional groundhogs wondering around and eating the lawn. “Uh Oh” I thought... these guys LIKE the stuff! I called your company and was reassured that this product just needed some time and would soon repel the animals. They suggested I do the stocking ball trick and lo and behold - I have not seen a hide ’nor hair of the pests since!
- Deborah DiFilippo, Berlin, NJ

We HAD a family of groundhogs burrowing under our backyard deck. We surrounded the deck with Shake-Away and we have not seen the groundhog lately, or any of his “presents” in the yard. We were thrilled with the results and we will definitely use it again.
- Nancy Hanzel, Exton, PA

A groundhog would dig up large holes trying to get under our foundation. We tried several products from our local hardware store, but nothing worked. Within hours the groundhog would be back digging up right where we treated. After three weeks of losing the battle, I decided to search the internet and I found Shake-Away. What a difference! I treated the entire base of our house and I have not seen any signs of that pesky groundhog since!
- Frank Tucker, Bridgewater, NJ

We recently moved into a new house and realized that a family of groundhogs had made their home under our shed. While we didn’t originally worry about it, we soon realized that something had to be done. We planted our garden only to find that the groundhogs had burrowed tunnels into it. The final straw was when the groundhogs began running after my two year old daughter after she got between the groundhog and his hole. Since I have used Shake-Away, I have noticed a change in behavior in less than a week. I have been using it for six weeks now, and not a groundhog in sight!
- Brad Andrew, Ephrata, PA

We had a groundhog under our tool shed. It took only two applications of Shake-Away and the groundhog hasn’t been seen again. I drilled a small hole in the center of the shed and put about five spoonfuls in the hole. That did the trick!
- John Pastorie, Youngstown, OH

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