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Domestic Cat Testimonials
I noticed an improvement in just a couple of days after I applied Shake-Away through my mulch. I have been really stressed out and tired of cleaning up after the neighborhood cats that seem to have taken a liking to my yard. Your product works.
- Veronica Espinoza, Denver, CO

We have a non-profit cat rescue organization, and use your Shake-Away to diffuse difficult neighborhood disputes regarding stray cats that are viewed as a nuisance in yards. Instead of it becoming an animal control issue, we have used this product with great results and the complaints have stopped. Now the rescue process can proceed safely and calmly. Thank you for a great product that helps stray cats get their chance to live, while they wait to be rescued and relocated!
- Karen Mack, Palm Coast, FL

There are two cats that live nearby who like to use my yard as a toilet. Your product kept them out of my yard for several months with one application. I now need to get some more!
- Melissa Wyman, Portland, OR

I was having a problem with cats defecating in my flower beds, and I have three young children who love to dig in the dirt. This product really works. Thank you!
- Pauline Guerra, Texas City, TX

I have cats under my deck that are using the area as a litter box. My two year old daughter goes there to get her toys. My wife is pregnant and cat feces are very dangerous. I used Shake-Away and I have not seen any fresh cat feces yet!
- Craig Czeczuga, West Milford, NJ

I love the Shake-Away domestic cat powder! It is environmentally safe, and such a smart idea. I haven’t had any cat droppings in my garden since I used it. It smells like a predator to the cats, but won’t harm them. Problem solved.
- Amanda Sayres, San Antonio, TX

For the past two months we have been having problems with neighboring cats using our front yard as their litter box. We have tried everything - ash, pepper, etc. Nothing worked. I found your product on the internet. Your shipment was fast and the result was amazing! After one and a half weeks of using Shake-Away, instead of picking up a smelly brown thing every morning, we enjoy our clean looking and clean smelling yard!
- Lillian Gin, Alhambra, CA

No more fleas, and that is because of no more cats, and that is because of Shake-Away! It works like a charm. Our building was infested with fleas because of cats that were living under our building. This product got rid of the cats, and then we were able to spray for fleas. Our problem was solved in a matter of two days! It is truly a remarkable product!
- Cathy Curry, Breckenridge, TX

I love animals and have two outside cats. This summer I decided to put flower beds behind my house. Normally I use gravel to keep the cats out. But I liked the way mulch looked. After all of my hard work of digging and putting down plastic, the next morning all of my mulch was scattered. I was furious, but knew I couldn’t get rid of my cats. Shake-Away solved my problem.
- Theresa Taylor, Rocky Gap, VA

Our neighbor’s cats were using our yard mulch as their personal potty. We were furious, but didn’t want to be rude to the neighbors. We found this product online and crossed our fingers. It says it may take a couple of weeks, but our experience was overnight! No more mess and no confrontation! We even feel safe having our one year old in the yard because it is 100% organic. What a brilliant product!
- Danielle Ahlquist, Salt Lake City, UT

Our neighbors have been leaving food for stray cats in the area. These cats are all over, and they use my yard as their toilet! After using Shake-Away for over a week, I am impressed with the results. My dog is pleased too!
- Loretta Eason, Los Angeles, CA

Working on my garden has always been a real pleasure, until a few years ago when neighborhood cats started using it like a littler box. I tried everything to keep them away and then I found your product. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I tried it. The results were outstanding! The cats have found a new playground, and I am once again able to work in my garden without uncovering the waste of my feline friends.
- Deborah Seuss, Leominster, MA

I was having an issue with the neighbor’s car who seemed to think my brand new car was his new home. He would leave muddy paw prints all over my car! It always seemed to happen when I just washed it too! I used your product all around the area that I keep my car, as well as his napping place on top of the car. You saved my sanity! I would recommend this to anyone who is having problems with a neighbor’s pet.
- Maggie Rehinger, Memphis, TN

Shake-Away is the most effective product on the market for keeping unwanted animals out of your yard. We had cats coming in our yard and garden. Shake-Away eliminated that problem and kept them away. It is effective and easy to use.
- Richard Vidmar, Davis, CA

We just found out that our two Jack Russells just loved eating the cat poop that was left in our yard. It caused them terrible bowel problems, and cost us thousand of dollars in vet fees. I found your product and after just one use I could tell the cats weren’t coming around. The dogs got much better, and I am buying more of your product!
- Joann Kimball, Key West, FL

I live in a mobile home park in Wyoming, so when it snows the cats do not like to potty in it. They try to find a dry place, and they started to use our front porch. When we walked out the front door of our mobile home you could smell the stench. The cats were also spraying our front door because we have indoor cats. I started using your product, and the problems have stopped.
- Linda Fulgham, Rock Springs, WY

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