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Chipmunk Testimonials
While sprinkling Shake-Away around my deck area for the first time, a chipmunk ran up to see what was going on. He stopped dead in his tracks along his normal route under my deck, and shot off in the opposite direction upon smelling Shake-Away. I have seen him in my neighbor’s yard, but he avoids mine. Thanks for a great product!
- John Coco, Reading, PA

Remarkable product! I have been trying to catch a chipmunk that has made a residence up in my attic. I have been using fancy nuts, corn, and peanut butter in a have-a-heart trap. I had no luck for two years. I followed the directions that came with Shake-Away, and the chipmunk is now gone!
- Randy Corey, Fort Fairfield, ME

I used Shake Away for chipmunks which were undermining my front step and flower bed. In just three days they disappeared. It was amazing. Your product really works!
- Lee Herzer, Berlin, NJ

The chipmunks were digging gaping holes in my flower bed. After one application they decided to dig elsewhere! Thanks so much for a great product!
- Mary Jane Hughes, Delmar, NY

We began seeing huge holes near our plants in the vegetable garden. We found out it was a chipmunk. We ordered Shake-Away, sprinkled it around the garden, closed up the holes, and have not had one more problem. We love it!
- Susan Sheehan, Woodridge, IL

We had chipmunks making quite a raucous up in our attic. After trying traps with peanut butter, we were desperate. We then found Shake-Away and we now finally have peace and quiet. We have a dog and didn’t want to chance him getting poisoned, so your product was perfect! Thanks a million!
- Mary Nichols, Chatham, MA

Prior to my purchase of Shake-Away, I had trapped 27 chipmunks within a two month period. After two weeks of applying your product, the problem was solved! Thank you for making my life a little easier and allowing my wife’s garden to grow.
- Barry Nowicki, Orchard Park, NY

A solution at last! I have had four chipmunks for years chewing away at my blooming flowers on the front porch. They were not only chewing the plants, but leaving dirt scattered everywhere. Two weeks using Shake-Away and the chipmunks have moved on.
- Faith Martin, South Bend, IN

Having just moved to Tennessee from southern Florida, we were unsure of how to handle the chipmunk problem both underground and in the trees. After trying some home remedies unsuccessfully, I discovered Shake-Away. I sprinkled some down in the holes as well as around the base of the trees where I hung my bird feeders. Within a few days the chipmunks began to decline. I am sure it was your product that was eliminating them from the treated areas, and I will continue to use Shake-Away until I can totally rid them from my yard. Thank you!
- Betty Bottomley, Monterey, TN

Chipmunks made Swiss cheese out of my yard. I wanted a solution without having to hurt the little critters. I ordered Shake-Away, and after one application my visitors were gone just like that! Thanks for your help!
- John Pappas, Scotch Plains, NJ

Several years ago my husband took a whole summer catching chipmunks, driving them to a new location, and releasing them. It worked, but now new ones are making a home in our yard. I sprinkled Shake-Away around the trees and in locations I knew they were making holes. It’s only been a week and I can already see the difference. Thanks for a product that actually works!
- Sandy Leto, Derry, NH

We were having problems with chipmunks around our house and our travel trailer. I used Shake-Away and I have not seen one since! I was very excited to see how well it worked!
- Jenny Hutchinson, Durand, MI

I have always have chipmunks running around in my yard, but this year they seemed to multiply heavily and destroy my flower beds! I have tunnels and holes everywhere. I can even see them duck underground when I come outside. I tried your product and only after one week I noticed a difference. I am actually buying a larger container of it today!
- Brian Pellicano, Howell, NJ

For thirty years at the same house, I have watched chipmunks raid my vegetable garden. They eat all the tomatoes that just turn red. I used have-a-heart traps to relocate them, but to no avail. Since applying Shake-Away I haven’t even seen a chipmunk and now I am over my head in tomatoes! Great product!
- Barry Bates, Potomac, MD

I was having problems with chipmunks living in my attic and in my walls. Since I put Shake-Away around my house I have not seen or heard them. Thank you so much for making a safe and natural way to keep them away, as I have children and a dog. Thank you again!
- Barbara Karasek, Brunswick, OH

Thank you for a great product! Our patio and steps were being undermined by large numbers of chipmunks. These critters are cute, but they can carry deer ticks, so they produce a health hazard. After one application of Shake-Away, it appears that they are seeking to set up house somewhere else.
- Elmer Mitchell, Lynnfield, MA

I live in a suburb of Albany, NY, and I have lots of woods in my backyard. This year the chipmunks seemed to have had a population boom! Two of them found their way into my basement, and into my garage. I put Shake-Away down the holes and behold - no more chipmunks!
- Pam Chin, Delmar, NY

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