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Armadillo Testimonials

We have had an armadillo “night club” under our house for many years. They were so loud that we would wake from a sound sleep. We followed the easy directions for use and since we put out Shake-Away, it has been quiet all night. Thank you! Shake-Away really works! Please, never even think of not making this product, we need it.

- Kathleen Gaston, Orange Park, FL

My plant bed was being dug up by an armadillo. It was spoiling the mulch, and leaving gaping holes on my lawn. One bottle of Shake-Away has driven away the armadillo. This product really works.

- KG Subramanyam, Tampa, FL

We live in a semi-rural area where a lot of new homes are being built. This is the second season that our flower beds have been demolished by armadillos’s. I tried everything to rid of the critters with no success. Then I went online and found Shake-Away. After using the product for two weeks, I have found no evidence of the critters.

- Dwain Woodward, Rockwell, TX

Your product exceeds our expectations. This is our second year in Texas dealing with the armadillo’s. Fortunately, once they made their presence known and we applied Shake-Away, they have kept their distance. We use it on a regular basis, and have had neighborhood success with others also using it.

- Richard Smith, Bullard, RX

A very large armadillo was digging up plants in my vegetable garden in search of bugs. Last year he destroyed about a quarter of my garden by exposing the roots of plants, or uprooting them altogether. This year I declared war! I sprayed ammonia around my plants, but this only slowed him down. When I sprinkled Shake-Away around the garden, he never entered the garden at all! This seemed to work almost immediately, even though the instructions say it will take up to two weeks. Shake-Away works better than spraying ammonia or castor oil, and is way less work!

- Linda Golston, Austin, TX

Each year the armadillos turn my front lawn into a war zone. Immediately after using Shake-Away in the worst hit areas, the digging stopped. The armadillos moved to the areas where I didn’t apply the product. After covering the remainder of the yard the digging stopped. When I originally purchased the product - I expected to be asking for a refund. But I have since ordered two more bottles!!

- Craig Helm, Graham, TX

My problem with armadillos was at a very critical stage. I tried killing the grubs they feed on with no success. My lawn was beginning to look like Swiss cheese. I applied Shake-Away as per instructions and now I am happy to report that the critters have not returned. My lawn is looking better.

- Lee Petrarca, Bismarck, AR

The whole neighborhood started to notice these strange mounds in our yards. I looked it up and found out they may be caused by armadillos. I wanted to find something that would not kill them, but would still keep them out of my yard. This product worked wonders and the problem is much less significant.

- Penelope Lewis, Windermere, FL

My entire yard, approximately 5,000 square feet, was being destroyed by armadillos. My lawn service said if I applied sod worm killer, they would go away. Not true! After three sod worm treatments it was sod worm free, the armadillos however, were still digging. About ten days after treating the perimeter with Shake-Away, they now stay in the neighbor’s yard!

- Terrence Byers, Jacksonville, FL

Your Shake-Away product certainly cured the problem we were having with an armadillo. We had one that had taken up residence in our backyard. The problem became more than an inconvenience when we got two new tiny puppies. They were able to get out of our backyard and into the neighbors unfenced yard, from the hole the armadillo had made. This product worked quickly and didn’t harm the puppies at all. Thanks for developing such a great remedy!

- Susan Steffens, Sugar Land, TX

We had armadillos destroying our flower and vegetable garden. We tried many other products, but found they only worked for one to two weeks. Before you knew it, the armadillos were back digging deep holes all over the yard. I was skeptical about trying another product, but my wife said “let’s try just once more”. And I am glad we did. By using Shake-Away we are free of our armadillo problem. It works great!

- Sal Coppola, Port Richey, FL

I was having a terrible armadillo issue. They were living under my garage and studio. I made up the stockings as advised and threw them under the buildings. I then spread some around the perimeter of the yard as well. After two applications, they were gone. Thanks for a product that works!

- Alan Jackson, New Port Richey, FL

I have had my first full nights rest in over three months since using Shake-Away. The armadillos were driving my dogs crazy! Thanks!

- Carolyn Craddock, Navasota, TX

Prior to treating our front lawn with Shake-Away, it looked like we were a victim of a mortar attack. There were many holes dug out by an armadillo. Shortly after using the Shake-Away, the armadillo found another place to dig.

- Sy Schiffman, Sunrise Beach, TX

I live in a manufactured home and I have been having problems with armadillos digging up the skirting, as well as digging up my plants. I used Shake-Away as directed and have not had any more problems. My friend across the street said he has problems now, so I guess the armadillos moved over to him. I told him about your product. Thank you very much!

- William Twachtman, Kissimmee, FL

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