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Vole Testimonials
When we moved into our new home, the neighbors across the street warned us that voles in the vacant lot beside us were terrorizing the neighborhood lawns and garden. Sure enough, vole hills soon appeared in our newly landscaped rock garden. As I destroyed each unsightly hill, the voles moved further along until I was chasing the holes all over the rocks. I grabbed some Shake-Away and planted it around the perimeter. My neighbors chuckled at my method, but I had the last laugh! Within a month the voles disappeared from my yard. An occasional application is enough to keep them at bay.
- Liz Price, Los Osos, CA

Faced with huge destruction from voles, and the need for an organic non-lethal means of treatment - I found Shake-Away. After only one application, vole activity became non-existent. It is easy-to-apply and with no interest from my dog, it seems to be the answer to my vole predicament.
- Dr. Allan Goodstein, Bristol, ME

I have tried bait traps, sonic booms, and other types of repellents. Shake-Away has been the only product I have tried that gives me a fighting chance with my annual battle against the vole.
- Kevin Webb. Clifton Park, NY

I have had problems with voles living under my rock wall and tunneling around my house. I have tried many products to try and get rid of these pests. Nothing worked until I used Shake-Away. Now the little pests have moved on.
- Alan Wisell, Williston, VT

I call it “the city that appeared and then disappeared with Shake-Away”. The summer was going on fine, until I decided to put my house up for sale. Some voles decided they could just move right in. Of all places, they decided to have their underground city in my front lawn. They became very evident when little holes appeared by the sidewalk, and the grass was turning brown. I found Shake-Away on the internet and after applying it to my lawn, within two days there was not a peep in vole city.
- Chaelynne Pope, Washington, MI

We had a problem with voles around our patio in the backyard for quite some time. We tried several different things to get rid of them, but nothing worked. Everyday there seemed to be new tunnels in the mulch. Needless to say, we were becoming frustrated spending money on products that didn’t work. That is, until we used your Shake-Away. It has worked great for us! No more tunnels in our mulch and no more destruction to our plants.
- David Hansen, Medina, OH

We had voles eating our beets and parsnips in the vegetable garden. As parsnips stay in the ground all winter, they were completely eaten for two years. Last year I tried the Shake-Away and applied it in late fall. Not one parsnip was touched come spring. It worked great!
- Mark Greenwald, Mt. Pleasant, MI

My voles are gone after just one application! My lawn and my sanity are restored! Thank you!
- Patrick Ramsey, Northville, MI

I have had problems with voles eating the plants in my garden. Nothing I tried in the past seemed to work, and I didn’t like to use poisons. I was delighted to find Shake-Away, which is not poison, and it actually works! Now whenever I see one of the telltale vole holes, I just sprinkle some Shake-Away and know that my plants are safe.
- Anne Gardner, Greenbelt, MD

We have been having problems with voles for almost a year now. I have tried everything under the sun to rid of these varmints. The only thing that seems to work is Shake-Away. I applied the granules, and the vole population seems to be decreasing.
- Renee Hood, Hamilton, OH

I have had voles in my yard for the past three years. I live in a wooded area, and I have tried everything. Since I have tried Shake-Away, I am having the best results of any product I tried. Short of using kryptonite, nothing worked until your product. Using it was the best decision I have made since declaring war on those nasty voles!
- Daryl Parks, Ham Lake, MN

We just bought our first home and after a couple of months, noticed small patches of dirt along the house. Then I noticed voles in the front and back yard. After buying Shake-Away, I used it as directed and after a couple of weeks there were no more holes. To this day there are no new holes or movement in the lawn.
- Sanju Bains, Cordelia, CA

Last year I lost many expensive plants to voles. My plants died overnight. When I asked the nursery they said that voles had eaten the roots. Cleaning my garden this spring, I noticed numerous signs that the voles had multiplied in great numbers. I found Shake-Away online, as I did not want to use a poison. I put it around my garden and at last - my plants are doing super! No sign of a vole in weeks!
- Ellen Hall, Hungtington Mills, PA

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