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Possum Testimonials
We had possums digging up our lawn looking for grubs. It was getting to be one big mess. Then I came across your product on the internet and ordered a bottle of the fox urine powder. Since then we have not seen even one possum on our property. It worked right away. This is the best and safest repellent I have ever used.
- Barry Dilts, Bradewton, FL

We had a problem with possums under our house. After trapping several, we resorted to Shake-Away. Just a few shakes and now the possums seem to have disappeared!
- Joanne Hesley, Albermarle, NC

Two weeks!? Forget it. That possum was gone overnight and has not been back since. I poured it into little plastic dishes and placed all around our storage items in the garage, including up in the rafters. The next day I did the “cat food test“ by closing all of the doors and seeing if the food was gone. It was that possum that was gone! Thanks very much, you saved me from having to rent traps, calling animal control, and tons of hassle.
- Marette St. John, Van Nuys, CA

We had possums walking around our apartment, in front of our door, and behind our backyard. After we used Shake-Away we have never seen them again. At first we were skeptical, but now after three weeks the possums are never near my apartment anymore. Thank you for your great product.
- Amnuay Chaikledkaew, Venice, CA

My wood fence has been a beating path for possums for years. I was very concerned about my new cat. A possum headed for the trail the very first night I used it. When he reached the edge of the fence where I started applying it, he jumped about 6 inches straight up and did a 360 turn in the air. We laughed thinking how great it is to find something that really does what it says it can. Thanks a million times.
- Dennis La Brecque, Los Angeles, CA

This sure is a great way to get rid of pesky neighbors - well the critter kind anyway! Since using Shake-Away, Mr. Possum is on permanent leave. My neighbors never knew there were so many around here until I sent them packing back to their yards! My Labrador and I thank you. Shake-Away performs and we now have peace of mind.
- Amanda Meise, Brick, NJ

I love your product and have told everyone about it! I lived with a family of possums in the attic space for over a month. I spent hundreds of dollars with pest control companies who could not help me get rid of these little critters. I found your product online, and used it as soon as I got it. I placed “stocking balls ” in whatever entry spaces I could find and the next day the little critters moved out! It has been over a month now and they have not returned. I will continue to use your product. It really works and I am very happy that I found it. THANK YOU!!!
- Theresa Carra, Newhall, CA

For the past several years I have had possums tearing up the siding to get under the house. They have done a lot of damage under the house as well. One year I even had a mother and her babies under there. I tried everything I read about or had been told about, and nothing worked! I was afraid to let my Pomeranian out at night because they growled and threatened him. Last year I found Shake-Away on the internet and praise God -- no more critters! I have told all of my friends and neighbors to go buy it.
- Carol Cotham, Carbondale, IL

I put Shake-Away in my yard and barn. I haven’t seen a possum at all since! They used to be all over our yard as well as our neighbor’s yard. Thank goodness someone has something to get rid of them. We tried everything, and nothing but this works.
- Maude Howerton, Indianapolis, IN

I have had an ongoing problem with possums in my yard for several years. I have dogs which go after them and corner them. I always have to go save the possum and get my dogs back in the house. I have to take them out on a leash to prevent this every night occurrence. Since I have started using Shake-Away, I rarely see a possum and I feel my dogs are now much safer. It is a wonderful product.
- Cheryl Sheridan, Alrington Heights, IL

I had a possum and her babies under my manufactured home. We made the golf ball size balls out of stockings and threw them under the house. When they left, we secured the access to under the house and now we have no more possums!
- June Pickett, Brooksville, FL

Last summer I had some possums eating my vegetable garden. They would walk on the walls and fences along the entire neighborhood at night. I am now preparing to plant a summer crop of vegetables and I will do whatever it takes to save it. I hung Shake-Away on each tree using stockings, and I purchased a small critter trap and baited it with squash and cucumbers. It sat outside for two weeks and nothing is happening thanks to Shake-Away.
- Sal Puga, Los Angeles, CA

As soon as I got the product, I placed the granules in stocking balls and threw them in the attic. The possum that was camped out up there has since exited. It only took three days to completely rid of him. I no longer hear paws in my attic!
- Freddy B., Van Nuys, CA

I am trying to keep my puppy away from the shed so the possums will leave. One night my puppy found one of the possum babies, and I noticed that they were trying to leave the shed to find another place to go. I no longer see them. Thank you, this product works!
- Karen Carbohn, Southampton, PA

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